İliada Hotel | Hotel için İliada
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Everytime Kazdağı, Everytime İliada…


Exploring Mount Ida with 4×4




A holıday wıth nature and far from the noıse of the cıty.

HOTEL ILIADA, is the one and only facility which is specially certificated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey.

Our hotel is the only one in Mount Ida with an approval from the Ministry of Tourism. Iliada Hotel is the only hotel named a ‘Special Establishment’ in Mount Ida, a mythological region with an oxygen quality held equal to the Alps, famous for its quiet and serene natural environment and history.

Iliada Hotel has an 18,000 m2 garden, 22 standard rooms, 2 suites, 1 ‘country house’ and 6 family rooms. Each room is equipped with bath tubs, mini bars, TVs, telephones and private safes.

Our hotel of 70 people capacity would be honored to host your concentration and motivation requiring trips, meetings, seminars and organizations with its high quality service and location in a region as special as Mount Ida.

You can horseback ride through the pine forests in a pure nature, have excursions to nearby areas, join Safari tours exploring the mountains of Homer’s ‘Ida with a thousand creeks’. You can enjoy watching the sublime sunset over the hills of Mount Ida, stargazing on clear skies and the cool mountain weather in summer evenings. You can meet our hedgehogs, squirrels, tortoises, cats and dogs; and enjoy the regional foods and the delicious countryside style breakfasts prepared for you with the vegetables, fruits and herbs supplied by the nearby villages.


Standard Room

Our standard rooms are spacious and comfortable. They also have enough space to add an extra bed for your young children.

Famıly Room

Our hotel has 6 family rooms with an entrance hall, a shared bathroom and two bedrooms. One of the bedrooms has a double bed while the other has two single beds.

The Homeros Suıte

Decorated with care and ornamented with the newest equipment, our Homeros suites each have all small electrical kitchen appliances, a fridge, large screen LCD TVs, a Jacuzzi, modern and chique furnishings, a fireplace and sofas. Aside from couples on honeymoon, this room is designed for partners who seek to spend time together.

Country House

The country house is the result of the effort to make Uncle Mehmet’s house of 50 years live on. Uncle Mehmet used to live on the land that is now hotel grounds before it was acquired and renovated in 1992 in an attempt to expand the gardens.